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Markus and Jennifer have followed the same academic career path. They met in the B.Sc. Digital Media course at Fulda University of Applied Sciences ten years ago, followed by the M.A. Creative Technologies at the Film University Babelsberg. Ever since, they have been working together on various commissions as a team. Through their academic background combined with their experience in commissions both of them have acquired multidisciplinary knowledge of creativity, art and design on the one hand and analytics, technology and computer science on the other. 

ternaty Team

Jennifer is our
UX designer.

Her experienced knowledge of more than 11 years years of self-employment as a designer of audiovisual media enables ternaty to create a uniform and user-friendly overall design. At ternaty, she is responsible for tasks such as brand design as well as usability and user experience of our software services.

Jennifer Beitel
Markus Traber

Markus is our
software developer.

For the development of audiovisual experiences, he can draw on seven years of professional experience as a software developer. With his enthusiasm for Open Source, he represents ternaty actively in the Mozilla Hubs community and knows the latest technical developments and trends of our time.

We have been working on a virtual room of remembrance for two years.

From January until August 2021, together with a former co-founder Lilli Berger, farvel.space has been funded by the startup scholorship Berliner Startup Stipendium at Universität der Künste Berlin

From October 2021 until September 2022 the project has been further supported by the startup scholorship EXIST-Gründungsstipendium at Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.

Due to our previous activities at farvel, we bring in enormous experience in the field of grief, virtual spaces and the metaverse.

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To this day, the biggest newspapers in Germany report about the project farvel.

EXIST Scholarship (2021 – 2022)

BSS Scholarship (2021)