What would your 3D virtual space look like?

In the metaverse, everything is possible. With our first showcase, we create a space that does not imitate the physical world as we know it. And yet aesthetic laws are taken into account to create a harmonious overall picture.

ternaty’s first scene

The scene emanates

The platform.

  • There are no heavy walls to confine or even block the view. Instead, the open sky with cloud formation can be seen.
  • There is no real gravity since floating islands do not exist. This is precisely why it is all the more exciting to experience this phenomenon so immersively.

The sculpture.

Arun Leander, 3D artist and animator of the sculpture, explains: “The sculpture consists of floating entities in a sort of frozen-in-time setting that highlights their position to one another. Regardless of the degree of abstraction the positional relation of the pieces points to their connection.”

Similar to the sculpture, there will be several island units in the future that can be combined with each other according to function and properties. These are conceptually related to each other and form an overall construct.

The platform.
The sculpture.

The metaverse is calling.

  • You want to host an online event that everyone will remember in the future?
  • You want your company’s corporate design and other striking form features represented in a virtual space?
  • You want to take your place in the metaverse before your competitors do so?